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Easy Riders Vietnam Tour Guides are a group of motorcyclists who speak English well, have a passion for riding and sharing their riding experiences. Each member of Easy Riders Vietnam is able to show you the real Vietnam and help you to explore the cultures of different ethnic minority groups, the history, ..


alt Toan (Nickname: Toolman)
Age: 35

Toan was born and grown up in the Central of Vietnam (60 km to the South from DMZ). Graduated from Dalat University in 2001 and work at Easy Riders Vietnam since 2004

He is not only an experienced tour guide, knowledgeable but also a mechanic. He carries all kinds of tools when traveling and can just fix about anything.

Tien - Easy Riders Vietnam tour guideTien  (Nickname: Terry)
Age: 30

Tien is from the city of Bao Loc, Vietnam. He used to studied at Dalat Tourism University before became an Easy Rider as he loves motorcycle and travel.

Tien speaks well English and has a good sence of humour that makes travelers enjoy the trip so much and make them come back.

Peter - Easy Riders Vietnam tour guideQuoc (Nickname: Peter)
Age: 43

Quoc's used to studied and worked in Canada for 5 years. Came back Vietnam in 2005 and worked as freelance guide till 2006. Joined Easy Riders Vietnam and never left! 

He speaks well English with Canadian accent. He is also a rapper so he might entertain you sometimes on the roads when you get tired

Spencer - Easy Riders Vietnam Tour GuideTuy (Nickname: Spencer)
Age: 35

Tuy was born and grown up in Hue, Vietnam. Graduated in 2000 from Dalat University and have been working at Easy Riders Vietnam since then. He's knowledgeable and speaks English like his native language. He's a great rider and fun to travel with. His jokes are ...silly. Watch out! 
Jack - Easy Riders Vietnam Khuong (Nickname: Jack)
Age: 38

Khuong is from Dalat, used to study at Tourism University in Dalat,  has been working at Easy Riders Vietnam since 2005.

He is a safe driver and informative guide. He is a great guitarist and singer as well. After a couple of beers, he will blast your nights with his music!
Tuan - Easy Riders VietnamTuan
Age: 35

Tuan graduated from Dalat University in 2000 and has been living and working all over Vietnam. He started the motorcycle tours since he was second-year student, 1998 and Easy Riders Vietnam in 2003.

He has a passion to share his knowledge about Vietnam to all travelers from around the world

Our tour guides at Easy Riders Vietnam are graduated from Tourism Universities in Vietnam, have been traveling as tour guides in Vietnam over a decade. Therefore, they know the areas like the backs of their hands. Our tour guides are chosen by the following criteria:

  • Graduated from Tourism University
  • Experienced English or French speaking
  • Knowledgeable about cultures and different areas in Vietnam
  • Motorcycle maintenance skills
  • Sence of humour



A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles!