Hoi An/ Da Nang Easy Rider Tours

Motorbiking from Hoi An to Hue has some truly amazing adventures, including the magnificent rides through Hai Van Pass and Ho Chi Minh Trail. You'll get a great opportunity to explore the untouched terrain and the diversity of ethnic minority hill tribes in the remote country.

The tour is one of the most enjoyable experience of your travel time in Central Vietnam. Whether you choose to ride the motorbike by yourself or be pillion passenger on the back of our experienced/ licensed Easy Rider tour guide. We make sure that you are on a trip of discovery, adventure and the momories will last a lifetime.

If you are short in time and want to have fun for a one day motorbike adventure, then this trip is your perfect choice. This allows you to travel through the stunning winding Hai Van Mountain Pass (also known as TopGear Road) where you could enjoy the amazing winding roads, swim at Elephant Springs and experience the rural life of the locals who live in the isolated countryside..

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Motorbiking from Hoi An or Da Nang to Ha Noi gives you a perspective inside of Vietnam, enjoy one of the best rides along the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, broaden your knowledge about the struggle for independence of Vietnamese people before 1975. Explore the local culinary by trying the different delicious dishes in every meal 

Adventure and Culture are interwoven in this tour!

If you get bored of sticking with the tourist trail and you want to explore the real Vietnam your way, then this trip should be your option. It takes you 12 days to travel and cover around 1,500 km from the ancient town of Hoi An to Saigon via the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail. Enjoy the stunning landscape of Central Highlands. Learn the different cultures of ethnic minority groups, the friendly and honest people in Mekong Delta, etc.

Forget your 'open tour bus' tickets and join us for this trip, you will never regret for this decision as you get a chance to experience the rural life of Vietnamese poeple, eat what the locals eat, stay where the they live. Enjoy one of the best rides through the amazing landscape of Ho Chi Minh trail and Central Highlands, broaden your knowledge about the different cultures, customs and traditions of ethnic minority groups, etc. 

Magnificent landscape, amazing motorcycle roads and great riding. The adventure starts from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An, to the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, to the mysterious Central Highlands and then finishes at the "Love City" Dalat. You'll witness the hidden beauty of Vietnam that you can't find it elsewhere in Vietnam, experience the rich cultures and enjoy the delicious local cuisines

This Easy Rider Tour is a perfect combination for someone who love the nature and adventure!